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Does breast cancer hurt?

Does breast cancer hurt? This question may sound silly but it is indeed important to ask. In fact, many people nowadays are the patients of breast cancer. More than that, it is not only experienced by the women but also men. Whether it hurts or not, it depends on how severe the condition is. Besides, it also depends on the initial condition of each patient that must be different from one to another. The conditions along with resistance will influence what kinds of treatment to be given anyway. Here are the possibilities of what patients feel when they have breast cancer.

Does Breast Cancer Hurt

Breast Cancer Stage 1

In this stage, even the patients may not realize that the cancer has been in their body. It is because they may not feel anything. There is nothing painful around their breast. However, it doesn’t mean that the disease cannot be found. Make sure to check your breast condition anyway. It is by noticing whether there is any lump or not. The lump is probably not painful yet. However, it can be felt and even seen by mirroring or touching and massaging it carefully. When you find any unusual lumps, it is better to checkup your condition as soon as possible. The earlier it is detected, the treatment is easier and the chance of totally healed is also higher.

Breast Cancer Stage 2

Stage 2 means that the cancer cells are starting to spread around. The cells can be detected on the lymph gland and the tumor in breast grows bigger. At this stage, the patients start to feel painful although the level may be different from one to another. But again, there are still many patients who don’t realize it at this stage. Well, if you have experienced the bigger lumps along with a condition where your breast skin is shrunk just like orange peel, be aware. Go checkup immediately.

Breast Cancer Stage 3

Breast cancer stage 3 is considered as a severe condition in which the cancer cells are already full in the lymph gland. The effect is inflammation and wounds. Of course, it really hurts for people who experience it.

Breast Cancer Stage 4

As the most severe stage, it means that the cancer cells have been spreading around the body organs. Well, it must be really hurtful along with tiring treatments like surgery and chemotherapy. So, does breast cancer hurt? Of course, it is if the disease is already severe.

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