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What Breast Cancer Looks Like On Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging is a common means of breast cancer screening used in the hospital. Usually, it is used as second look. When the doctor finds something suspicious on the mammography, he usually recommends the patient to undergo breast ultrasound for further check. During the ultrasound, the doctor can usually distinguish which one is breast cancer and which one is not.

There is difference between the solid mass which tends to not be a breast cancer and fluid-filled cyst which is the look of the majority of breast lesions. What ultrasound does better is to find the very small or tiny lesions that may indicate breast cancer in early stage.

What Breast Cancer Looks Like On Ultrasound

How Does Ultrasound Work

The ultrasound imaging works by using high frequency sound waves in order to form image which is known as sonogram. The harmless sound waves pass through the breasts before they bounce back from various tissues. Then, the waves will form certain picture of internal structure.

What can be a sign as something suspicious is when the unexpected echo formed. This usually is a sign that solid nodule within the tissue exists. What great about ultrasound is that no radiation is involved. Therefore, it is completely safe for pregnant women.

Potential Breast Cancer Lesion during Ultrasound

As stated earlier, the sign of something suspicious is when the ultrasound makes unexpected echo. When this echo occurs, it becomes a sign that something like solid nodule has blocked the path. It is definitely not a good sign because in healthy people, the echo should have never occurred at all. When seen on the screen, the lesion can be solid, liquid or combination of both.

When the liquid masses or cysts are found, it is usually homogenous and darker in color. The doctor also considers the lesion shape and margin to determine whether or not it is a sign or breast cancer or benign. Usually, the breast cancer lesion is random in terms of shape although it doesn’t always happen. Meanwhile, the benign fibroadenoma is oval or round in terms of shape.

In some cases, the doctors still cannot decide whether the lesion is cancerous or not. Therefore, further examination is necessary which is usually done via biopsy. Biopsy is the final examination that helps doctors making the final diagnosis about whether or not a person has breast cancer. If the diagnosis shows potential breast cancer, the patient should seek for treatment immediately.

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