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Can guy get breast cancer? – symptoms of male breast

Can guys get breast cancer? It is common to associate breast cancer with women. Well, it is based on the fact that the mammary gland is only owned by the women. Then, the cancer cell is started from that spot. But surprisingly, there is also a possibility that the men have breast cancer. It is although the chance is not as big as that for women. So, do you want to know about it more? Here is the explanation.

Can guy get breast cancer?

What is actually male breast cancer?

Male breast cancer refers to the abnormal cell growth within the tissue formation of men’s breast. There is Metastatic melanoma or a group of cancer cell that can be multiplied fast on the tissues around. Aside from that, it can also spread around into other parts of the body. So, how common is this kind of cancer anyway? Fortunately, it is still quite rarely compared to the breast cancer of women. This disease is generally experienced by the elder men above 60 years old. Those men may have high level of estrogen hormone due to the overweight or undergoing medical treatment.

What are the symptoms of male breast cancer?

The most general symptoms of male breast cancer is the appearance of lumps without the feeling of pain. This lump can be found under the nipple and around chest area. There are also some additional symptoms like the nipples that are flushed, pulled in, bleeding, and producing abnormal liquid. Sure, there are also some other symptoms that are different from one patient to another. Meanwhile, the causes of male breast cancer are still not known yet. It can be because of unhealthy lifestyle like consuming foods with too much additional coloring and preservative, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and some more. That’s why; it is indeed not exaggerated if you are suggested to apply good and healthy lifestyle to avoid such a disease when you are older.

What are the treatments for male breast cancer?

When you feel at least one of those symptoms, make sure to checkup your condition immediately so that the doctor can diagnose what you suffers. There are some possibilities of treatments starting from surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. The doctor may ask you to follow some series of procedure including mammogram, USG, and biopsy from the breast tissue to diagnose the possibility of breast cancer. Meanwhile, other kinds of test may be needed as well related to the hormone. So, can guys get breast cancer? It is yes.

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