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What Causes Breast Cancer

While it is still not clear of what causes the breast cancer, doctors and health practitioners have come to agreement that some things are associated with breast cancer. These things are somewhat unexpected and some breast cancer patients may have no clues at all about it. This is the reason why the breast cancer patient is often not able to pinpoint exact cause of their disease. But there is something definite that is always found in every patient. The breast cancer is highly associated with damage to cell’s DNA.

Main Risk Factors

Not knowing the exact cause of breast cancer doesn’t mean we can be reckless on how we life our lives. Doctors have found out the main risk factors that may put a person in higher chance of developing breast cancer than another person. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the risk factors to avoid something bad. Among the main risk factors are family history and age. If in the family, there is one person or more had a history of breast cancer, it is more likely for another family member to develop the same thing. This risk increases when the woman has ever had benign breast lump before.

Age is also another main risk factor. According to the research, women over 50 have higher chances of getting breast cancer compared to younger women. And, the African-American women also have more chances to get the cancer than Caucasians.


Beside the two risk factors explained above, age and family history, the hormones also become other causes of breast cancer. When a woman is exposed to higher oestrogen hormone, it is more likely for her to develop breast cancer. Oestrogen itself is a hormone produced in the ovaries. Usually, this hormone is started to be produced during the puberty. It functions to help regulating the periods. The longer the person is exposed to this hormone, the higher chance of her to get breast cancer.

The fact also shows that HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy has association with increased breast cancer risk. According to the research, HRT adds 19 cases of cancer out of 1.000 women. However, it returns to normal when the person stops taking the HRT. Therefore, it is recommended to not taking prolonged HRT use. On the other hand, the use of contraceptive pill has also increased the risk of breast cancer. But the risk will decrease once the use is stopped.

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