Things to Know about Chemo Treatment for Breast Cancer

What is Chemo treatment for breast cancer? For many reasons, chemotherapy is always considered as something scary for many people Chemotherapy. There is even a common assumption that this method is the final way of treatment, when there is no other choice to heal the patients. Yes, chemotherapy is needed for severe diseases like cancer to kill the cancer cells before they are spreading and damage the body more. For breast cancer, this is also a way that can be taken when the patients’ conditions have fulfilled some certain roles. Here are then some matters you should know about chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Chemo Treatment For Breast Cancer

It involves a series of medical treatment

You should not think that you must only need to do undergo chemotherapy once and anything will be instantly alright. In fact, chemotherapy involves series of procedure in which one procedure may consist of 4-8 cycles. A cycle involves a therapy and between two therapies, there will be a pause. Therefore, the chemotherapy series can be done from 3 to 6 months and even more. Sure, this also includes other treatments like checking up and medication.

How many series you can take is depending on your body condition. More than that, this treatment is sometimes quite tiring for patients. The more series mean that there will be more cancer to be killed. However, it means that your body may need more time to recover.

Medical Checkup before Chemotherapy

As it has been said before, your body must be in certain conditions so that the chemotherapy can be successfully applied. There are some kinds of checkup needed to undergo. They are blood test, X-ray, and CT scan. The doctor will read the result before deciding whether the chemotherapy is needed to be done or not.

Meanwhile, your height and weight are also measured to decide the medication dosage. This kind of treatment for breast cancer has some risk as well. One of them is its ability to stop releasing erythrocyte, leukocyte, and platelets. The blood test is functioned to know whether your blood is in a new cycle or not. Then, other checkups include tests of lung, heart, kidney, and liver.


Chemotherapy can be extremely tiring for patients. It is because the body is forced to do something that does not normally do. Make sure to know your body condition well so that you can arrange your activities and food consumptions around the series of chemotherapy. This is the way of chemo treatment for breast cancer.

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