Treatment of Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer Stage 1

Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer Stage 1 – Breast cancer is considered one of the most dangerous killers in the world along with other diseases like heart attack or cholesterol. Especially for women, this is also something to be watched out after cervix cancer. But then if you are already diagnosed for being a patient of breast cancer stage one, you must not be panic. It is a stage where the possibility to be cured totally is high. More than that, the characteristics are able to detect earlier so that the treatment can be done as soon as possible. Here are then things to know about breast cancer along with the chemotherapy treatment to cure it.

Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer Stage 1

The Signs of Breast Cancer Stage 1

In general, patients of stage 1 breast cancer don’t feel anything painful or uncomfortable around the breast. However, you must be aware if there are some matters found. First is the appearance of small lumps in the breast or under your armpit not more than 2 cm. Second, you can try to push your breast gently. If there is cancer cell, a white liquid just like milk will be squirted. The liquid does not have any smell. Third, pay attention if the breast skin is shrunk and the pores are coarse.

The Treatments

It seems that consuming medication is considered the best way to be cured from this disease. Yes, it is also by remembering that stage 1 of breast cancer is not severe yet. Besides, you are also commonly suggested to avoid consuming certain foods including fast food, beverage with soda, and so forth since those can just make the cancer cells grow and spread faster. But then, there is also a possibility for chemotherapy program. This program is functioned to kill the cell cancer directly with some side effects like hair loss, nausea, and fatigue.

Preparation of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a good solution but it is not something easy to do. Preparing all things mentally and physically is important for this matter. Make sure to consume only good food with enough nutrition around the chemotherapy session. When you are still on the stage 1, the use of chemotherapy to kill the cancer cell is quite rarely. But there is a chance for you to do so as long as your conditions are necessary. Meanwhile, chemotherapy doesn’t have 100% guarantees that the cancer cell will be killed completely. Not all patients are possible for chemotherapy for breast cancer stage 1 treatment, depending on the condition.

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