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How is Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survival Rate?

Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survival Rate – Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases often attacked people recently. For women, it is the second after cervix cancer to kill them. But it doesn’t mean that this cancer cannot be healed at all. The possibility of being cured is influenced by the stage of cancer itself. For stage 3 breast cancer, of course, its possibility is much lower than the stadium 2 or stadium 3. To know more about this stage, you can read the following explanation.

Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

The Characteristics of Stage 3 Breast Cancer

Breast cancer already has some characteristics and symptoms even from the earlier stages. However, it seems the patients just don’t realize and even ignore it. After entering this stage, it is very common for the patients to acknowledge that the cancer cells are in them. There are some main characteristics of this stage anyway. First, the lumps has diameter for more than 5 cm. Yes, the lump was there even in stage 1 but the patients may not realize it until it is bigger. Second, the cancer cells have been spread into the lymph gland, armpit, and chest muscles. Third, there are inflammation, wounds, and pus. This produces the feeling of really painful in the breast area. Fourth, the breast skin is shrunk and it also looks flushed.

The Treatment

Fortunately, although the stage 3 is already considered as severe, it still can be healed as long as the patients want to undergo long and complete medical procedure. There are some treatments possibly for stage 3 breast cancer patients; they are chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. The series of procedure may take months and even years until the patients are claimed to be cured from the cancer. Then, it seems the patients still need to be careful in doing their daily lifestyle since cancer cells may re-appear anytime.

The Survival Rate

The development of technology makes the patients of stage 3 breast cancer still has high possibility to be cured up to 50%. It is because the cancer cells are only in the area of breast not spreading to other organs yet. Of course, the treatments themselves cannot be said as easy. But as long as they still have a chance, it is not impossible that the cancer patients can be totally cured. Full supports from family and friends are needed here so that the patients can pass through it in more relieved way. In conclusion, the stage 3 breast cancer survival rate is still quite high anyway.

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