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The Stage 4 Breast Cancer Life Expectancy

How is the stage 4 breast cancer life expectancy? It is not something easy to pass through if we or our family has been diagnosed as a patient of cancer. Cancer is undeniably a very serious and dangerous disease. For women, breast cancer is the second deathly disease after cervix cancer.

It is better to checkup your condition regularly to make sure that you are really healthy. At least, when there are already symptoms for cancer, it can be detected and taken care of immediately before it is getting more severe.

When the breast cancer is already in the stage 4 anyway, it will be more difficult to be cured although the expectancy is still there. Here are then some characteristics of stage 4 breast cancer.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Life Expectancy

The Characteristics of Stage 4 Breast Cancer

As the continuation of stage 3, stage 4 breast cancer has some characteristics. First, there is a big wound in the breast as the result of inflammation. It becomes the main source of the pain felt by the patients. Some patients cannot even resist from this feeling so that they can be easily collapsed anytime. Second, there blood and pus coming out from the breast. Third, the lump is already bigger and the exact size cannot even be measured. Fourth, the bad smell is also coming out from the breast so that the patients may need to be placed in a special room. Fifth, the weight is lost drastically. Lastly, there are complications with other diseases due to the cancer cells that have attacked other body organs.

The Treatments

There are some treatments possible for stage 4 breast cancer. The first and the most common is chemotherapy that can kill cancer cells and slow down the cancer’s growth. Second, there is hormonal therapy. It is by lessening the estrogen that is being the main cause of cancer’s growth. There is also Biology therapy and Clinical Test but these two are depending on the types and causes of cancer.

The Life Expectancy

It is so sad that the life expectancy of stage 4 breast cancer is only 20%. It is due to the fact that the cancer cells have been spreading throughout all body organs. In stage 3, there is high possibility to cut off the breast in order to stop the cancer spreading. However, in this stage, such a surgery has no use. The treatments mentioned before are the better ones to add the stage 4 breast cancer life expectancy.

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