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How to Understand Stage 4 Breast Cancer Prognosis

Stage 4 breast cancer prognosis is various and it depends on the spreading of the cancer itself in your body. Let’s talk a little bit about stage 4-breast cancer as well as the prognosis to better understanding. By understand the detail well you know your actual condition and what to do.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Prognosis

The Understanding of Stage 4 Breast Cancer

What you need to understand that when you are suffered from stage 4 breast cancer, it means the cancer has been spread outside the breast such as bones, lung, liver, or even brain. This is the stage that the cancer is difficult to cure. What the doctor can do is slower the growth of the cancer. With the combination between proper medication and good quality of life, stage 4 breast cancer sufferers have a possibility to life longer than the prognosis.

Breast Cancer Medical Treatment

The treatment is also various and it depends on the several cases. For example, the doctor needs to know the position of the cancer in your body, type of cancer cell, symptoms, previous breast cancer treatment, and many more. After analyzing the cases, the doctor decides whether you should take hormone therapy, anti HER2 targeted treatment, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

You can take one of the treatments or the combination of those treatments. The decision is on your condition and the cancer. The most important, successful treatment can improve the level of stage 4 breast cancer prognosis.

Breast Cancer Prognosis

Actually, the prognosis of breast cancer depends on the stage and the standard is 5 years survival. On the earlier stage or stage 0 up to 1 the survival rate closely to 100% as long as you treat it right away and control your condition regularly. Stage 2 breast cancer is still higher in which the survival rate is 93%. You still have a hope if you are suffered from stage 3 breast cancer and with proper treatment the survival rate is 72%. Even, some of women with stage 3 breast cancer were successfully treated and their cancer is gone. How about the stage 4? This is considered as the last stage of breast cancer.

Based on the condition, stage 4 breast cancer is difficult to treat. The treatment is only to prevent the spread and grow of the cancer. Due to this fact, there is interesting fact that the survival rate is 22% and it means there is always a hope to life longer with stage 4 breast cancer. In conclusion, stage 4 breast cancer prognosis can be longer as long as you are treated well and you keep your condition.

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