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Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Stage 4 breast cancer survival rate is decided based on the 5 years survival rate. This is how long you can survive after diagnosed as breast cancer sufferer. This type of rate is not only to know how long you will live but also to know whether the treatment is successful or not.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

The Overview of Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Before discussing about stage 4 breast cancer survival rate you should know that this survival rate is various and only a prediction. The rate depends on several factors. Those are including the age and the health of the breast cancer sufferers. Moreover, it is also depending on the presence of hormone receptor on the cancer cell, the previous treatment, and the condition of the cancer after treatment.

Women Breast Cancer Survival Rate

The survival rate is divided based on the stage of the breast cancer. The earlier the stage the higher the survival rate as long as it is treated properly. For example, women who are suffered from stage 0 or stage 1 breast cancer has a chance of 100% survival rate. It means they can survive up to 5 years or even more after diagnosed and treated. It is the same case with women who are suffered from stage 2 breast cancer. The survival rate of this stage is 93% and it is considered as high survival rate.

It means that stage 2 breast cancer sufferers have bigger chance to live well and free from cancer. The higher the stage the cancer will be harder to treat. In stage 3 breast cancer the survival rate is only 72% although it is still more than 50%. This is due to the fact that some of stage 3 breast cancer sufferers are treated successfully. It is a little bit different with stage 4 breast cancer. It is hard to treat because in this stage the cancer is spread outside the breast. The survival rate is only 22%. The treatment is only used to prevent the growth of the cancer.

Treatment to Increase the Survival Rate

How to treat breast cancer to get longer survival rate? There are several medical treatments for breast cancer. It starts from surgery procedure, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy. This is including drug treatment for better and comfort condition while facing breast cancer treatment. The treatment can be a single treatment or combination of those treatments. By doing those treatments along with your internal factors, the stage 4 breast cancer survival rate will be higher than the prediction.

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