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What Are The Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Have you ever wondered about the sharp pain you feel in your breast that comes along with some tenderness? Well, it’s perhaps the right time to go see a doctor and have it checked. Breast lump is something that requires a doctor check because it can be something serious like breast cancer. Although it is true that in the early stage, breast cancer doesn’t show any symptoms, but it is necessary to have early check before the cancer gets in worse stage. The fact shows that breast lump is not always associated with breast cancer. However, even a lump needs to be treated.

Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Women who are aware enough about slight changes happening to their body especially their breast usually are more likely to be saved from breast cancer. Why? That’s because they notice the very early symptoms of the cancer and soon get it treated before it even gets worse. The condition tends to be different if women don’t pay enough attention to their bodies. They may realize having breast cancer when the cancer is already in the late stage and their lives are already at stake. Therefore, pay attention to these early symptoms before it’s too late.

  • Lump or swelling under the arm or around the collarbone
  • Unexplained swelling, redness, itchiness, rash or skin irritation on breasts
  • Nipple discharge that is clear and, yellow, brown or red
  • New lump that stays there for several months
  • Breast pain that remains for several periods
  • Changes in the nipple’s shape
  • Hard lump with irregular edges

Later Symptoms of Breast Cancer

When the cancer gets in the late stage, the symptoms are different. They include worse and more visible symptoms that remain for months and even years. In this stage, the patients should be checked into the hospital for treatment. The symptoms include:

  • Visible veins that appear on the breast
  • Enlarged lymph nodes appearing in armpit
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Vaginal pain
  • Skin develops the orange peel texture
  • Existing lump getting bigger from time to time
  • Breast surface develops dimpling
  • Enlargement of the breast
  • Inward turning or retraction of the nipple

When such later symptoms start taking place, immediate treatment is essential. Without treatment and change of lifestyle, the cancer will be life-threatening disease that can take someone’s life within only months or years.

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