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What are Symptoms of Breast Cancer You Should Notice

What are symptoms of breast cancer is an interesting discussion topic. Most women don’t realize those symptoms. What they know that they are suddenly diagnosed as breast cancer sufferer. By learning the symptoms above you can notice it earlier.

What Are Symptoms Of Breast Cancer


Be sensitive and curious about the condition of your breast. You may check specific thing such as the size, the appearance, and even the small changing happen. One thing you should notice is breast swelling. Most women don’t really realize about breast swelling. The clearly sign of swelling is the different size the breast. You need to worry of this sudden changing even if you don’t find any lump at all around the breast. It might be the symptom of breast cancer.

Skin Irritation

If there is no lump or swelling, you also need to worry if you are suffered from skin irritation around the breast. Sometimes, you see redness and itchy. The most common sign is when you see something like orange peel around your breast. Don’t do anything first until you know what’s wrong with your breast skin.


There is also possibility that you feel pain around the breast or nipple. It is a regular pain and it happens all the time without any specific reason. Definitely, it makes you uncomfortable and disturbs your daily activity. Go to the doctor for further medical checkup and treatment.


Lump is the most common symptom of breast cancer. Most women who are breast cancer sufferers said that they found a small lump around their breast. This small lamp is the common answer of what are symptoms of breast cancer. So, don’t wait too long if you find small lump around your breast. Go to the doctor to know what kind of lump it is. The earlier the lump found the better because the doctor can treat it well.

Nipple Discharge

Producing breast milk is the sign that your breast is normal. But there is a case that the breast doesn’t produce breast milk. It seems the main cause is nipple discharge. Without proper treatment nipple discharge will make your uncomfortable. Sometimes, it triggers pain. This is the time for you to go to the doctor to find out what is going on with your nipple.

The list above is what you are about to hear if you ask what are symptoms of breast cancer. To know about it, you should go to the doctor and take specific breast cancer test.

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