Treatment of Breast Cancer

Most Common Treatment for Stage 2 Breast Cancer

Treatment for stage 2 breast cancer is various. It is including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted drug, and combination treatment. Before taking one of them or the combination of the treatments, you may understand it first. At least you can be ready if you have to take the treatment.

Treatment For Stage 2 Breast Cancer


The first treatment to treat stage 2 breast cancer is surgery. This treatment is taken when the doctor find small tumor on your breast. The function of this surgery is to remove the whole breast to prevent the spreading of the cancer but it is also possible to remove the cancer or tumor only. Breast cancer surgery is also known as mastectomy. Later, you will continue the procedure by taking breast reconstruction surgery.

Radio Therapy

It is considered as treatment for stage 2 breast cancer, after you take lumpectomy surgery procedure. Lumpectomy is surgery to remove the small tumor without removing the breast. So, why do you have to take radiotherapy? The main function of this therapy is to kill the cancer cell which might be missed during the lumpectomy surgery. Actually, it is also useful treatment after mastectomy especially if the tumor is large and the cancer cell is in the lymph nodes.


To make sure that there is no tumor or cell left in your body, you can also take chemotherapy. The main function of taking chemotherapy is to shrink tumor. The idea is not destroying the tumor but it tries to reduce the size of the tumor. When the size of the tumor is smaller enough, the small tumor can be removed by using lumpectomy surgery. The idea is how to cure your stage 2 breast cancer with the most limited side effects including losing your breast. Chemotherapy is done in different way including consuming pills or liquid.

Hormone Therapy

This therapy is also done after surgery procedure. The main idea is to prevent tumor to get hormones. Hormone is just like food for tumor. The more the tumor get hormone, the faster it grows. Hormone therapy is done by consuming specific drug. Those are including tamoxifen, anastrozole, exemestane, and letrozole.

Targeted Therapy

It is known as the newest breast cancer therapy. The function of taking this therapy is to stop protein. It is also known that protein is the cause the cancer spread quickly. You have to take specific medicine such as Ado-trastuzumab emtansine, lapatinib, pertuzumab, and trastuzumab as the treatment for stage 2 breast cancer for higher survival rate.

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