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What are Some Signs of Breast Cancer You Know by Only Feeling and Seeing It

What are some signs of breast cancer is a common question because some of sufferers don’t realize that they are suffered from breast cancer. It seems that they were okay and suddenly diagnosed as breast cancer suffered. The worse, sometimes you have to face next stage of breast cancer such as stage 2, stage 3, or even stage 4.

What Are Some Signs Of Breast Cancer

Something Strange around Breast or Nipple

To know whether you have breast cancer or not, it is a must for you to check the condition of the breast. Try to look and feel your breast carefully. Just make sure that there is any changing or unusual thing around your breast or nipple. Go to the doctor if you found something weird or strange around the breast or nipple. It might be the sign of breast cancer.


Lump is the most common sign of breast cancer. The lump looks like a hard knot or thick lump and you think that it is suddenly appeared there. Commonly, the lump appears inside the breast or on the underarm area.


If it is not a lump, you see redness spot around your breast. The characteristic of the redness is swelling, warmth, and darker on the breast. Don’t postpone your plan to go to the doctor. Just go to the doctor right away if you have such kind of sign on the breast.

Changing Size of Breast

Don’t underestimate the size change of your breast. The most common condition is that one of breast is bigger than the other. You should be curious if it is a sudden changing and you don’t realize before. It might be one of the answers of what are some signs of breast cancer.


You also need to go to the doctor to take medical checkup if you found dimple around your breast. Commonly, it happens on the skin of the breast. It seems that you don’t feel anything but definitely it is might be diagnosed as the sign of breast cancer.


Regular itchy is also one of the signs of breast cancer. Commonly, you feel the itchy around the nipple. In the next phase, this sign is followed by scaly sore or rash. So, if it is happened all the time without any specific reason, just set your schedule to go to the doctor.

The list above is the common or the early signs of breast cancer. It needs further medical checkup to make sure whether you are suffered from breast cancer or not. At least, you know the answer of what are some signs of breast cancer and you have action to check your breast from now.

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